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The Green Lantern

I found this movie thoroughly enjoyable! As is usually the case with comic book movies. It probably helps that I’ve never read a comic book in my life :) I enjoy them for what they are: action-packed, often a good mix of humour and tension and reasonably fast-paced (i.e. not boring). The Green Lantern was another such movie. Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I had reasonably high expectations for this movie and I’m a firm believer that expectations play a big part in the enjoyment of a movie. If I expect a movie to be rubbish I’ll enjoy it if it’s even marginally not rubbish :) Anyway. This fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t rubbish. But it wasn’t all that either.

The plot was fine. I followed the story from its premise to it’s conclusion with plenty of curiosity and suspense. I couldn’t have asked for more from the story. Despite some reviewers lamenting the lack of sea battles, I thought it was a really interesting concept! However there were some things that stopped it from being up there with the previous movies. Continue reading


I finally saw it! Yesterday. On DVD. It was good. I mean, I don’t regret not seeing it at the movies. I’m not a believer in spending up $NZ15 to see something you’re not genuinely interested in seeing.

It wasn’t confusing. I managed to keep up with what was happening, it was all very well thought out and well written/directed.

Leonardo DeCaprio has never been a great actor in my opinion. His success has mostly been reliant on being chosen to star in really good movies.  However I’m yet to decide who I would pick to do a better job of it, so no big deal! The rest of the cast was great and I really enjoyed their performances, especially Ken Watanabe, (of Last Samurai fame) and Ellen Page (from Juno). Continue reading