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Busy Busy Busy!

September has so far been the busiest month ever on this here blog, mostly due to me commencing the practice of using it as an outlet for my thoughts on what I’m reading in the bible on a regular basis. As you can see in the news feed, there’s a lot of posts about Genesis, just blogging my thoughts a chapter at a time :) This is mainly for my personal benefit, though your involvement would be greatly appreciated, I’m asking a lot of questions of what I read and I don’t claim to have all the answers, though I’m stoked when I do have some! God certainly is revealing Himself to me through His word :)

A penny for your thoughts

Sadly, I’m not going to pay you a penny for your thoughts, and you can’t sue me for false advertising because I’m not a corporation or proprietor of any sort. And 2.5 NZ cents can’t buy you a lot anyway.

But I do want to know what you think. I hear both views on the subject a lot, so to put it to a poll:

Do you think telling someone how you feel about them (assuming you “like them that way/love them/whatever”) can lead to a friendship being awkward more often than not?

Your thoughts please.

Oh, and just so that this isn’t one way, here’s my thought for the day: If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we need captions?

Giving how Jesus would give

Here’s just a few thoughts to chew over next time you get asked for money by someone in town.

Jesus said a lot of things about giving, but nowhere did He say to judge someone before you give to them. How many times have you told a beggar you have no money, based on the assumption that it’ll go to no good cause? Have you ever asked them what they are gonna spend it on? Have you ever considered actually taking them to a foodcourt and buying them a meal, if making sure the money gets well used is that important to you?

Also, Jesus gave people so much more than money. He gave them sight, the ability to walk etc. Now if the individual you’re talking to is healthy, the extra thing you have to offer them may just be some company and conversation (over the food you pay for), though it’d be worth thinking about whether you’d pray for healing if they need it.

Be responsible with your money, but don’t hold it too close. Feeding the hungry isn’t limited to World Vision.