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Colossians 1:13-18

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Christianity: The Essentials Part 1 – The Non-essentials

I was reading an article about forgiveness today. I was inspired to do a blog about it, cause I think forgiveness is an essential that we don’t talk about much at all. But it should be! I’m an advocate of the fact that there are a few things that are completely essential in Christianity, and everything else that we put up for debate needs to be with the realisation that it’s not incredibly important to God’s Kingdom or our eternal destiny.

So I decided I should not just blog about forgiveness, but do a short series of blogs on the things I personally classify as the essentials (you can feel free to have your own list that’s different from my own). To start off this short series (after all, any list of essentials should aim to be shorter, rather than longer, without leaving out anything important. That is after all, the definition of essential), I thought I’d make a list of a few common topics that are NOT essentials. Then we have them out of the way as we head into talking about the essentials. So here it is… Continue reading

Love Languages… or not

So let me start with the positives. The whole “five love languages” thing is definitely worth a look. It’s helpful for identifying ways in which you do and can bless other people. And for identifying the ways in which you and others prefer to have love displayed towards them (terrible sentence, I know).

The bone I have to pick is that for some reason, out of all the many Christian self-helpy kinda things that have been written over the years, the book on five love languages seems to have been added to the bible as if it’s some infallible part of theology. Continue reading