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Flew for the first time in aaaaaages this morning! From Wellington to Auckland for the Elim National Conference. It was amazing! All my tiredness from not having any sleep last night was forgotten. New Zealand is special. We are the first in the world to see each day. So to fly out of Wellington Airport so early in the morning and watch the sun rise from my window seat on the east side was really special! Continue reading

The Lovely Bones (spoiler warning)

I enjoyed The Lovely Bones! It was better than I expected it to be. Like most Peter Jackson films, it felt a bit long in places, especially when you were waiting an extra ten seconds to see what you already knew was going to happen, but perhaps the fact that I felt the suspense is a positive thing. Also, there was enough of the unexpected and/or uncertain to keep me curious. Continue reading

Only in Wellington…

Did anyone else think the weather today was unusually extreme?

Here’s a pic of my view over Wellington on the way to work in the morning:

Foggy much? In contrast, here’s a pic from the same vantage point on my way home from work:

Notice much difference? :P